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“I am… the Revolution” - Tbilisi 2005
A Collaborative Project with Roger Colombik (USA). Sponsored by CEC Arts Link & Texas State University (exhibit featured large-scale banners throughout the city).

Logo / Poster

#1 - 300 X 9000cm

My great-grandfather brought his grandsons to the bazaar and purchased a cage with two birds for my father and his brother. Once they returned home the boys were captivated by the birds. Then my great-grandfather had the young boys carry the birds in their cage out to the yard and together they opened the cage and allowed the birds to fly away. Twenty-five years hence and I was a five year old boy, sadly watching our caged birds on the balcony. My grandfather (my mother's father) allowed me to open the door and set the birds free. My father happened to see me open the cage and only then did he remember his own twenty-five year old lesson in freedom from his grandfather. These are the lessons of freedom that our grandfathers provided us. My son is still too young to understand this story – though I have noticed that he loves watching birds.

#2 - 250 X 700cm

#3 - 400 X 900cm

#4 - 400 X 500cm

# 5 - 400 X 500cm


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